Bye Bye 2018 and A Very Happy New Year

It was a usual morning bicycle ride today. Early morning winter weather was cold but pleasant. While riding or when I am alone, I usually get into deep thinking mode. Today was no exception. I was completely drifted into my own world and started thinking about all the events in 2018. It turned out to be one of the greatest year on professional, family and personal front.

At Fresh Gravity India, we grew to a size of 50+ employees with zero beach time (bench time). Multiple Indian clients were signed up this year with sales and pre-sales activities being driven locally. We could achieve most of the 5D benefits that we promised. This included work location flexibility, facilitating trainings on cutting edge technologies, work opportunities with international and local clients, innovation and new solutions through Gravity Labs activities, giving back to society with multiple initiatives like buying books for kids at labor camp, sports and health initiatives and so on. Most importantly, building a self-sustainable team is one of the biggest achievement of this year. It’s important to get right people who are culturally perfect fit for the organization. 

Having a reliable team on auto pilot mode, I  decided to take a pause from day to day office work. All I needed was one month break. I wanted to spend time with family and with myself. Not that I did not go for vacations in last few years but I wanted to break the office routine completely. Un-learn few things. I travelled a lot during this time off and tried many new things. I read books, watched movies and listened to good music. It’s needed to take a step back to move many steps forward. This time off gave me some time to think clearly about what changes I need to do to make us more successful in the coming year. 

Another achievement of this year is loss of almost 17 pounds. Yay! Cycling, walking, hiking, swimming and travel kept me super active throughout the year. I should give some credits to Dr. Jagannath Dixit too. I am not sure how scientific his methods are regarding 2 meals a day diet – but it worked. Another thing I enjoyed is, being close to nature. The type of happiness you get from simple things in the nature is not comparable with anything else. Now, its time to say goodbye to 2018 and look forward to yet another new year… may this one be the better than the last one. May you get to travel places and experience many more new things.

Here, before I conclude, sharing a picture from one of the craziest trips of 2018. Two crazy girls, barely knowing each other set off for an adventure – hiking Mt. Batur, sea diving, beach hoping and enjoying awesome food. A beautiful sunrise from Mount Batur.

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