2020 Lockdown, Yoga and I

2020 threw many things at us – devastating news all over the world with Covid outbreak, lockdown, business challenges, slow down – in some cases complete shut down, work from home, no travel and the list goes on.

Lockdown and being at home all the time was a nightmare for many – especially those who were very used to travelling for business or for leisure. With no social events or gatherings, the very basic aspect of human race of community belonging started getting impacted. Apart from numerous death reports we started hearing many stories about mental health, depression, heart failures and suicides from everywhere. It was very critical to manage the stress level with additional work and home responsibilities. Moreover, to keep the general fitness level up, home based exercises / practices were very important.

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. So I decided to utilize that extra time of weekends to learn something new. Yoga amongst many other exercise technique became a powerful tool for many  to take care of both physical and emotional well being during this time. I have been practicing yoga for quite some time now. But this time I decided to know it not just from exercise point of view but also from understanding the theory behind it. I enrolled for a teachers training course from Param Yoga. This course included philosophy, yogic anatomy, modern anatomy, self practice and teaching techniques. I totally enjoyed this three month training program. Especially, learning about philosophy and yogic anatomy was an enlightening experience. For me the definition of yoga was always about the lifestyle and balance. It is amazing to know that our ancestors figured out so many things so many years back. Apart from this learning, meeting many amazing teachers and fellow students was another side benefit. 

Really happy with the sense of achievement amidst all the chaos that 2020 brought.

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