What to Expect – Corona Vaccination in Pune – Age Group 18-45

With 18 to 45 years age group eligible for vaccination, a good chunk of Indian population is now monitoring https://www.cowin.gov.in/home website by min. I was lucky to get 2 slots for my husband and me. Penning down my experience and what you can do –

While booking –

  1. Login with your registered mobile number and search criteria as district on your computer web browser (Mobile browser has refresh issues – or at least mine had)
  2. Keep on refreshing the window using ‘Search’ button.
  3. As soon as you find the spot – go for it without thinking (the slots are getting booked with a blink of an eye)
  4. Try to stick to PMC / PCMC hospitals and centers. Even though you can get appointment in nearby Gram Panchayat center, local folks are protesting people coming from other areas (one of my friends had this experience – to an extent that people just waited and did not get the vaccine. The online portal however showing that they are vaccinated.

While at the center – (Kamala Nehru Hospital, Pune)

  1. Parking is not available at the hospital – you will need to park on the street side.
  2. Arrive at least 1 hour early. Center we were at had displayed our names of all the valid registrations on a notice board. Only those who had their names were allowed to the queue.
  3. Even though there was a bit of a rush at first, people who did not have scheduled appointment started leaving and it became more manageable and we could sit on the waiting chairs.
  4. Tokens were given in the order people stood in the queue, not in the order their names were displayed – so arriving early actually helped.
  5. There is no social distancing in the outside waiting zone – so ensure your own safety with two masks / shield and other things that you feel appropriate. The facility that we were in had multiple floors – so we took turns in waiting in the queue and escaping to the less crowded areas. (and could even manage a few work calls)
  6. In the vaccination hall, our bookings and identity cards were verified.
  7. Inside the booth, doctor asked if I have had breakfast and if was breastfeeding. After confirmation, I got vaccinated.
  8. We were asked to wait for 30 min in another waiting hall to monitor us. Social distancing was very well maintained in this area.
  9. General instructions were being given here – rest of 2 days, no gym, no alcohol and so on.

Once the vaccination started, it took half an hour to go through the queue and half an hour of waiting – so everything was pretty much done within 2 hours.

Hope this is helpful for those who are planning to get vaccinated. Take care everyone and stay safe!

Note: Do not go empty stomach. Carry water bottle and energy bars just in case you need to wait for a long time.

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