Time and Tide Waits for None…

How do you get so much time?

The common question that I hear from everyone in their own style is “How do you get so much time” (many times nicely but at times in a teasing way too). Well, I remember something that a wise man once said to me – “You don’t or won’t get time, you will need to take time out.” I heard these lines in my early 20s. That’s the time when you get influenced by someone’s words in a very impactful way. This got stuck in my head and heart so bad that I always wanted to make sure that I utilize every moment of my life doing something interesting. Here are few things that I can say which have helped me to find time –

Yoga and morning walks

When it comes to physical exercises, I am not too ambitious. However, it did not take long for me to realize that just every day just 15 min of yoga, 10 min of meditation and 30 min of morning walk – just sort my entire day. 

Exciting job

When you have work which really makes you get up in the morning and no matter which day of week it is; you just keep on working when you see something pending – you are half sorted in your life.

Early to bed early to rise

I think, this one thing has helped me the most to effectively utilize my day. On weekdays, get up early and just take out the car and go to nearby mountain places where there is absolutely on one. OR on weekend get up early and instead of visiting a crowded touristy place, stay back at home in your office room and focus on work without no stress of getting ready or attending any meetings. Truly – you can call this a 7-day weekend or 7-days weekdays working style.

Company of positive and energetic souls

Be with folks who bring in excitement and the best of you in life. Have friends who are ready to share your interests passionately. Respect family relations not getting overburdened about something but at the same time not being that super independent, ‘I don’t need anyone’ kind of person. A good manager, excellent peers and supporting team members always contribute to your work life balance. When you are part of an organization that respects its core values and everyone has a mindset of achieving a common goal, everything just happens the way it is meant to happen.

Being in the moment!

This is simple. When you work – you work; when you go out in the nature, you soak in the beauty of it and enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, there are times when few lingering pending tasks or unavoidable calls can impact your experiences. But instead of defining the time measure as weekend and weekday OR work time and vacations bring down the time measuring units to hours of the day OR moments or the day – even better. Luckily, in IT world and especially after COVID, you can work from any place. Few hours of your day, connecting with your work folks, taking care of important action items, finishing things that you own, during the time that you are just sitting in your hotel room, help you manage the show from anywhere, anytime. Again – It all boils down to choosing a right type of workplace.

Limiting OTT/ No brainer entertainment

Even though this is coming as a last point, I guess this is the major culprit these days. OTT platforms have unlimited content at your disposal, and they will want you to keep coming back to them. It’s up to you, how you limit this kind of entertainment to only few hours a week. Put timers to your reels / story playing / social apps.  Make a deliberate effort to stay away from the Screen. Plan to watch a series only when you do not have something super important going on in your personal or professional lives. I would definitely not miss “House of The Dragons” OR “The Rings of Power” for sure 😉


As Luke Skywalker asked Rey to see beyond life and death / warmth and cold / peace and violence – a balance! A force that drives everything. Work and fun – has to be balanced to get the force that drives you to live in a meaningful way.

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