Time and Tide Waits for None…

How do you get so much time? The common question that I hear from everyone in their own style is “How do you get so much time” (many times nicely but at times in a teasing way too). Well, I remember something that a wise man once said to me – “You don’t or won’tContinue reading “Time and Tide Waits for None…”

What to Expect – Corona Vaccination in Pune – Age Group 18-45

With 18 to 45 years age group eligible for vaccination, a good chunk of Indian population is now monitoring https://www.cowin.gov.in/home website by min. I was lucky to get 2 slots for my husband and me. Penning down my experience and what you can do – While booking – Login with your registered mobile number andContinue reading “What to Expect – Corona Vaccination in Pune – Age Group 18-45”

Fresh Beginnings…

Yesterday was a special day for me. Fresh batch of interns started with us. This is the first time we got fresh graduates from my engineering college … a satisfying moment with a feeling of creating opportunities for youngsters from my town. It was my first connect with them. Ideally, I should have stuck withContinue reading “Fresh Beginnings…”

2020 Lockdown, Yoga and I

2020 threw many things at us – devastating news all over the world with Covid outbreak, lockdown, business challenges, slow down – in some cases complete shut down, work from home, no travel and the list goes on. Lockdown and being at home all the time was a nightmare for many – especially those whoContinue reading “2020 Lockdown, Yoga and I”

Jungle Book…

Jungles have a special place in my heart since childhood. Being brought up in central Indian region, surrounded by jungles, I have had my share of safaris since childhood. I really liked the jungle atmosphere but not the idea of disturbing animals in their natural habitat with roaring Gypsy vehicles and camera clicks. Any safariContinue reading “Jungle Book…”

Incredible Melghat

There are few lesser known places on the world’s map and Melghat might be one of them. Many folks outside Vidarbha region (or even from the region) did not know about this place for many decades. But with the increase in number of ‘wildlife photographers’, it got some popularity in the last few years. Geographically,Continue reading “Incredible Melghat”

Cambodia Diaries – Dec 2018

While planning for Cambodia, one thing that was on my mind was to do a budget travel. I wanted to do it backpackers way – at least a part of the travel. (Believe me it is a sad feeling when you get out of airport and there is no one in the reception area fromContinue reading “Cambodia Diaries – Dec 2018”

Marathon – Is it BS?

If your answer to the question is yes — read on. If it is no, you probably know what I mean. However, before today even I felt like marathons are a complete waste of time — especially those which are being organized every weekend these days. Not that I didn’t appreciate the work that goes behind these events butContinue reading “Marathon – Is it BS?”