Time and Tide Waits for None…

How do you get so much time? The common question that I hear from everyone in their own style is “How do you get so much time” (many times nicely but at times in a teasing way too). Well, I remember something that a wise man once said to me – “You don’t or won’tContinue reading “Time and Tide Waits for None…”

Fresh Beginnings…

Yesterday was a special day for me. Fresh batch of interns started with us. This is the first time we got fresh graduates from my engineering college … a satisfying moment with a feeling of creating opportunities for youngsters from my town. It was my first connect with them. Ideally, I should have stuck withContinue reading “Fresh Beginnings…”

2020 Lockdown, Yoga and I

2020 threw many things at us – devastating news all over the world with Covid outbreak, lockdown, business challenges, slow down – in some cases complete shut down, work from home, no travel and the list goes on. Lockdown and being at home all the time was a nightmare for many – especially those whoContinue reading “2020 Lockdown, Yoga and I”

Marathon – Is it BS?

If your answer to the question is yes — read on. If it is no, you probably know what I mean. However, before today even I felt like marathons are a complete waste of time — especially those which are being organized every weekend these days. Not that I didn’t appreciate the work that goes behind these events butContinue reading “Marathon – Is it BS?”

Bye Bye 2018 and A Very Happy New Year

It was a usual morning bicycle ride today. Early morning winter weather was cold but pleasant. While riding or when I am alone, I usually get into deep thinking mode. Today was no exception. I was completely drifted into my own world and started thinking about all the events in 2018. It turned out toContinue reading “Bye Bye 2018 and A Very Happy New Year”