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Jungle Book…

Jungles have a special place in my heart since childhood. Being brought up in central Indian region, surrounded by jungles,…

Incredible Melghat

There are few lesser known places on the world’s map and Melghat might be one of them. Many folks outside…

Cambodia Diaries – Dec 2018

While planning for Cambodia, one thing that was on my mind was to do a budget travel. I wanted to…

Travel Diaries – Udaipur

‘Padharo Mhare Des’ is what you remember when it comes to Rajasthan. A state which is popular amongst Indian and…

Spiti Diaries – 2018

Himalayan ranges can be addictive. Since the time I visited them for the first time after completing my 10th grade…

About Me

Hi, I am Dipti.
As a woman, we all love to wear multiple hats and try different shoes – I am no different. But honestly, its just a metaphor for me… I am perfectly fine in my worn down clothing. I am an entrepreneur – love exploring new business ideas, a mother, a wife. I have many interests – travelling, photography, videography, yoga, reading, writing and cooking are few amongst them. I love to live in the moment and sharing my experiences with all…

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